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Digital Project Hub

The goal of the project was to develop a completely new workplace concept for the future of Camunda's work on a 1,200 square metre floor in a former Kreuzberg factory building. The project aimed at uniting employees at the office to collaborate, even under a "remote first policy", in order to maintain/develop the social company culture in the longer term.

Berlin based architecture studio LXSY was contracted for the innovative design of the New Work environment. The result is an open and refreshing working environment with a high number of meeting rooms and team workspaces. Flexible and uncomplicated rearrangement possibilities of the set-up are made to try out new forms of work at any time. An air-conditioning and ventilation system was integrated, which makes it possible to ensure sufficient air exchange even under strict hygiene requirements.


Camunda revolutionises process automation with an open source platform that is based on open standards, highly scalable and optimally supports collaboration between software developers and business users.

Camunda's workflow and decision automation tools enable software applications to be realised faster, more collaboratively and more cost-efficiently, which is indispensable for digital transformation.

Already today, Camunda enables global market leaders such as Allianz, ING, Intuit and Vodafone to digitally design, automate and improve business processes end-to-end, as well as increase business agility, improve customer experience and achieve faster time-to-value. 


The company's global activities are managed from its headquarters in Berlin, with offices in San Francisco, Austin, Boston, Singapore.


Scope of services

  • Integrated project management

  • Development of a lead office concept

  • Technical project management

  • Supervision of the architects

  • Integration of an innovative ventilation concept

  • Construction in existing buildings

  • Award management

  • Construction supervision of the execution of the interior fittings and the technical infrastructure

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