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​Project success through multidisciplinary expertise and approach.

Our expertise.

We are a multidisciplinary team working at the interface of project management, business growth, architecture, design and company branding.

Our holistic approach lays the foundation for successful projects.

With many years of experience and know-how from various professional fields and industries we are able to individually address the project-specific requirements of our clients.


Our services


We provide support from the identification phase to project completion - for the entire project or specific packages. We pay special attention to minimizing risks in real estate transactions, smooth the way for your construction project and optimise the operation of buildings.

Scaling Businesses

We have many years of expertise in the start-up and technology sector with rapid growth companies. We know the requirements and problems of dynamic companies and pursue the same approach on the path to your solution.

Client Representation

We manage projects suited to your specific needs and support our clients as an external, independent partner from the conceptualisation to the completion of the project. We act as the client's stakeholder at all times, coordinate internal and external interfaces and ensure conformity with budget, me and quality requirements.

Our approach

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We develop tangible concepts and solutions from project and product ideas. In addition to appropriate process-oriented methodological approaches, we offer innovative approaches such as workshops and design thinking.


We offer you the appropriate technical expertise for successful project management. We represent the client's interests comprehensively. We continuously match project goals with customer requirements throughout the entire project and react quickly and flexibly to changes in requirements.


We turn ideas and visions into reality. We support you in project implementation and interface management as well as in the planning process. We ensure that the end result corresponds to your vision.


We support you in your change process in the area of New Work and Office Design. With our know-how from the start-up and technology sector, we improve your corporate culture and help you establish an employer brand identity.

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