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Electrifying workspace
for digital pioneer in the
mobility section

With the consolidation of several locations in a new headquarters with an industrial character, a new chapter was to begin for Vimcar: From start-up to an established player for digital fleet management.

While simple design was defined as the guideline for the look of a grown-up company, the office should at the same me offer space for innovation and the feel-good culture of a young and dynamic company.

The result is an office that offers a successful combination of technologically inspired aesthetics with the industrial substance of a 19th century industrial building through clean lines and colour scheme - in a way an allegory to Vimcar's business model of showing fleet management from the past the way into the future.


Vimcar is an innovative pioneer from the mobility sector that is driving the digital revolution in fleet management. With future-oriented technology and great attention to detail, Vimcar is digitising the company car of the future. Already more than 90,000 vehicles (self-employed, freelancers but also companies like Allianz, Zalando) rely on Vimcar's software solution to efficiently manage company cars and transport vehicles. More than 200 employees will soon be working on a vision in Berlin: redefining fleet management. In the process, the Vimcar team has set itself ambitious growth targets to also expand in terms of personnel in a new office.


"The office of the future must attract me like a good café where you want to work. Here you can relax in a concentrated way and meet your dearest colleagues at work."


Scope of services

- Creation and implementation of an overall New Work design and office concept
- Client representation in the selection of the location and conclusion of the rental contract 
- Technical and construction project management
- Execution and construction supervision of the technical infrastructure and interior fittings
- Support during office commissioning and organisational consulting

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